Thursday, August 30, 2012

Must visit: Zakynthos Island, Greece

It has been a long time since I haven't posted on this blog, but now I am back!
I want to share with you some information about the place I have visited this summer: Zakynthos Island, Greece.

Zakynthos is a beautiful green island, surrounded with clear blue and surprisingly turquoise water. The island is part of the 7 Ionian islands: Kerkyra (or as most of us know it: Corfu), Paxi (English: Paxos), Lefkada (English: Lefkas), Kefalonia (English: Cephalonia and Kefallinia), Ithaki (English: Ithaca), Kythira (English and Italian: Cerigo) and last but not least: Zakynthos (English and Italian: Zante). In greek they are called the Heptanese which means "The Sevens Islands". In the area you can find many small islands but these seven are the most famous. 

I find it interesting that Kefalonia is the biggest of the Seven yet it isn't very developed for tourism. You will find few hotels and taverns on it, this is why it is perfect for a very quiet vacation. 

Zakynthos is the third larges island of the Heptanese with its 410 square meters. The highest point of the island is at Vrachinas at 758 m.

Enough with the "talking". Let the pictures talk for themselves:

The calm beach of Kalamaki (in the Laganas bay) where Sea Turtles lay their eggs. Far back in the sea you can see a little island named Pelouzo. 

We took a one day journey with a ship named Ikaros Palace and visited Navagio or Shipwreck beach, Xiglia beach and the Blue Caves. 

 The Shipwreck

 Navagio as it is seen from the road, at 400 m altitude. 

Navagio as seen from the ship

 Navagio panorama

 This is the turquoise water I was talking about. It is real!!! I used no Photoshop to get this amazing color. 

Xiglia, the sulfur beach. The sulfur comes to the surface of the water and makes it oily. 

You can see the sulfur on the cliffs, the dark spots.

The Blue Caves

 The Blue Caves

People who come by boat may enter the caves.

Zante Town, the capital of the Island, panorama

2000 year old Olive Oil Tree, the oldest from the Island.

Positive things about Zakythos:

  • hospitality of the people (hotel manager, waiters, supermarket employee). Everybody is your friend. They would do anything to make you feel good. 
  • the variety of  optional excursions (you can visit the island by ship, by bus or by car)
  • quiet beach, without loud music. Perfect for relaxing.
  • extremely clean water (cleanest I have ever seen!!!) 
  • clean beach (exception Kalamaki beach.This is acceptable beacuse Kalamaki beach is used by the endangered turtle specie Caretta-Caretta or Loggerhead Sea Turle for laying their eggs. This is why the beach is kept as natural as possible)
  • airport on the island

Negative things:
  • high prices even at the supermarket. Eg. 1 kg of peach cost 2 EUR. In Romania you pay for it 0.80 EUR. 
  • beach closes after sunset to allow Sea Turtles to lay their eggs (only in the Laganas bay). 

If you want so see and swim along the Caretta-Caretta you should visit the island in June or July. In August you will only see the little turtles hatching from the eggs. 
I am very happy I could visit this Island and I recommend it to everybody who wants to relax and visit these beautiful places I have shown you in my pictures. 


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  2. A beautiful island paradise. This year we had a summer holiday in the island of Zakynthos. Here you can find pictures of Zakynthos Island.