Sunday, April 22, 2012

Must wear: Orange

Hi,  I am back with a new must wear: Color. This time it is orange! Although this pretty mix of red and yellow exists in many shades, it is a rare color of nature. You will find it mostly in fruits (the orange :-P, peach, apricot), vegetables (pumpkin, melon, carrot) and in flowers (gerbera, parrot flower). For me it looks like an artificial, mechanical color.

My first orange item is a handbag/purse. It’s pretty big (25 cm x 30 cm x 12 cm) so I can fit all my necessary (but most of the time unnecessary) things in it.

big orange purse

big orange purse

big orange purse

big orange purse

Some details about the bag:

big orange purse

big orange purse

As accessories I like to use:

colorful scarf

orange scarf

long orange scarf

colorful scarf

Colorful bracelet

colorful braclet

Orange shade nail polish (to see these shades on nails please visit:

orange nail polish collection

I would recommend wearing vibrant shades of orange (like the ones in my post) only if you have a darker / olive skin tone. If you are paler or have blond hair you should try the pastel shades (ex. apricot). You really don’t want the color to wear you!
I prefer to associate orange with black or white (Of course!!! These two are the perfect colors. They match with everything), with darker brown and blue (especially jeans). The complementary color of orange is azure (blue) so it can be worn with blue nail polish too. 


  1. LOVE this post. Can you tell me where you got your bag (and what brand it is). I really want an orange bag - having a hard time finding out.


    1. I'm glad you liked it. Unfortunately it is a no-brand purse. I bought it from a little China Store in my hometown (Cluj-Napoca, Romania) for 50 RON = 11 EUR. I just couldn't resist the color.

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