Sunday, January 13, 2013

Must know: How to clean your hair straightener

My hair straightener is pretty old... I got ot when I turned 18 and that was 7 years ago! I can't believe that much time has passed since I finished high school.

Anyway... During these years I have tried different methods of cleaning my precious straightener. I have used soap, shower gel and even alcohol but none of these really worked. Today morning I was getting desperate, thinking that I am going to need to buy a new one when I decided to give it a last chance. As it was still hot I took an old toothbrush, some toothpaste and I started brushing it.

And surprise! The straightener looks like brand new, beside the signs of wear accumulated in the past 7 years! :-).

I am so happy I came up with this solution! I hope you will find this post useful.  How do you clean your hair straightener?

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