Friday, January 25, 2013

Review: Balea Shower Gels (Limited Edition)

I am a big fan of the DM stores. It is impossible for me to pass by these stores and not to enter AND not to buy something. Anything!

Yesterday it wasn't any different :-). I have chosen to buy 3 shower gels, all three being limited edition (this I noticed only as I got home).

1. Shower Gel with Chocolate and Figs

 2. Shower Gel with Cherry and Almond

3. Peeling Shower Gel with Buttermilk and Lemon

I have tried all three and I love them all. The first two smell like liquid chocolate and almond milk. The third one has a yellowish color and reminds me of lemon sorbet. Beware and don't try these when your are hungry ;-).

I definitely recommend buying these products. They are low cost at high quality. The 300 ml bottle costs only 5,99 RON (1,3 EUR).

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